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StorTera shortlisted for Solar Power Portal & Energy Storage News Awards - StorTera

July 29, 2018

We are pleased to announce that the project to develop our EESU emergency power backpack has been shortlisted for International Storage Project of the Year by the Solar Power Portal & Energy Storage News Awards.

Earlier this year StorTera worked with KERA, a charity based in Sri Lanka, to develop and deploy the first EESU backpack, to support disaster relief situations in the local area. When not deployed in emergency situations the EESU is used to provide evening and night-time power to the charity’s educational facility and office building, and is charged during daylight hours by a 12kWp solar array which was installed on the roof of the off-grid building in Kurunegala.

The installation allows Kera Charity to use their solar generated energy to charge the EESU, which then powers second-hand laptops used to educate local plantation workers in the evenings – also keeping the EESU charged and ready for deployment in disaster relief situations. The majority of these plantation workers still live in line houses, where stable and reliable electricity supply is not available, and who’s treatment by large plantation companies is often described as modern-day slavery. KERA charity’s goal is to educate and empower these often exploited communities, who are also some of the hardest-hit when the extreme weather events increasingly associated with climate change occur.

Read the case study here

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