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SLIQ - The Single Liquid Flow Battery

SLIQ Flow Battery

Reliable, economical energy for 20 years

The revolutionary StorTera SLIQ single liquid flow battery offers a low cost, high performance energy storage system made with durable components and supported by our flexible and adaptable inverter and control system. The StorTera SLIQ battery brings the following benefits/advantages:

  • Low levelised cost of storage and capital cost
  • Long lifetime of up to 20 years (min. 7,500 cycles)
  • Long duration energy with the energy and power capacity easily and independently scalable
  • Safe with no cooling requirements and high flash point materials
  • Fully recyclable at the end of lifetime


Innovative catholyte liquid is low cost, energy dense and provides millisecond response times. Single liquid design means less system components and lower cost.

How does it work?

Energy dense single liquid is pumped through our innovative membrane stack to provide high efficiency, quick response and long duration energy.


Sub millisecond response speeds. Up to 20,000 cycles achieved with energy density of 250Wh/L.

Cost Savings

Using low cost materials and manufacturing techniques, we predict capital costs of approximately £120/kW and £75/kWh once commercialised.


Our Flow battery does not require cooling and the fire risk is significantly lower due to the non-flammable materials used and the system setup.


Our smart grid-tie inverter is supported by android based weather prediction and has 5 functions giving owners considerable flexibility in their energy use.

More about the StorTera SLIQ battery

The SLIQ single liquid flow battery system uses a novel power converter called ‘the dual stage cell injection converter’ which manages the charging, discharging and power export functions of the system. The battery’s energy and power capacity are independently scalable without any additional components meaning the SLIQ can be easily tailored to meet each owners requirements, providing a cost effective and efficient solution.