StorTower - StorTera

The StorTower

Intelligent hybrid solar inverters

The DSR GridVerter family is a range of DSR (Demand Side Response) enabled inverters that incorporate smart battery charging and management with seamless back-up power (UPS) functionality to allow easy integration within residential and industrial smart energy systems.

  • DSR (Demand Side Response) enabled electronics and open-architecture firmware

  • Remote control and management of up to 5 critical AC loads per unit

  • Programmable supply priority for PV, battery, generator or grid export, with anti-islanding

  • Battery charging and intelligent battery management system

  • Back up/emergency power, UPS and complementary power modes with 3ms switchover time

  • Built in Automatic Power Transfer system to switch on a generator

  • StorTera software for real-time status display and DSR & AC critical load control

  • Ability to power energy efficient DC lighting and other DC circuits directly

LFP Energy Storage Systems

Economical, scalable and inherently safe battery systems

StorTera offer economical and flexible battery modules comprised of Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP)  batteries which offer longer lifetimes than traditional Lithium ion batteries and are inherently safer. Systems can be easily scaled in multiples of 2.5kWh up to 200kWh, making them suitable for residential and commercial and industrial installations.

  • Long lifetimes – 6000 cycles @85% DOD (dependent on actual DOD, usage & temp.)

  • Inherently safe lithium-iron-phosphate chemistry – no cooling requirements or risk of thermal runaway

  • Easily scalable and stackable with MODBUS communication

  • 2 tier protection method and superior Battery Management System with cell level monitoring

  • Short circuit/Over Current/Over Voltage protection

  • Simple rack-based installation system