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The StorTower

Intelligent Energy Storage

The StorTower is a highly versatile energy storage system which combines our
intelligent hybrid inverter technology, TRAICON control system and ultra-safe lithium
ferrous phosphate (LFP) battery modules in a weatherproof enclosure designed to
meet the demands of both commercial and residential users.
Energy storage capacity is scalable in 2.5kWh increments up to a maximum of 200kWh
with multiple StorTowers. A range of power output options are available depending on
individual installation requirements.

TRAICON Artificial intelligence

TRAICON is the brains of StorTower intelligent energy storage systems. It is an
android-based Tri-layer AI control and monitoring platform. The controller learns
local energy usage and storage patterns and uses cloud-based machine learning
to integrate weather forecasting and other available APIs allowing networked
synchronisation of multiple systems and continually optimised energy performance.

Integrated Hybrid Inverters

All StorTower systems include our intelligent hybrid inverter technology
and use the Modbus RTU communication protocol for seamless integration
with 3rd party aggregation platforms. In the event of a grid failure, millisecond switching times and ATS functionality mean computers and other electronic equipment will continue to operate
without disruption using battery or generator power.

LFP Batteries

Lithium Ferrous Phosphate technology is the safest of all the common lithium
battery types. Our LFP batteries have no cooling requirements, extremely
low self-discharge rates and are virtually incombustible due to the
chemical stability of their iron phosphate cathode.

Whilst actual cycle lifetimes are dependent on DOD, usage & temperature we guarantee 10,000+ cycles @ 75% DOD, 6000+ cycles @85% DOD.

  • DSR (Demand Side Response) enabled electronics and open-architecture firmware

  • Remote control and management of up to 5 critical AC loads per unit

  • Programmable supply priority for PV, battery, generator or grid export, with anti-islanding

  • Battery charging and intelligent battery management system

  • Back up/emergency power, UPS and complementary power modes with 3ms switchover time

  • Built in Automatic Power Transfer system to switch on a generator

  • StorTera software for real-time status display and DSR & AC critical load control

  • Ability to power energy efficient DC lighting and other DC circuits directly