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Case Studies - StorTera

The Power Forward Challenge

StorTera partnered with Equilibrium Engineering in Canada to compete in The Power Forward Challenge, a smart grid innovation competition by Natural Resources Canada and B.E.I.S. UK.

The team has taken a revolutionary approach by developing a highly flexible smart grid that focuses on the needs of the consumer first and leverages benefits for the grid. This has been achieved by electrifying heating, adding renewable generation with smart residential and commercial energy storage, converting electrical loads to flexible loads, and introducing innovative systems for the grid to absorb more renewable energy.


Read More about The Power Forward Challenge in our Case Study

London Community Energy  | London UK

Rooftop Solar with P2P trading with intelligent storage.

This ground-breaking project aims to enable Brixton residents at Elmore House to access electricity generated from a solar array on the block’s roof, store it in a battery and trade with one another (peer-to-peer) using blockchain technology. It also ties into UK Power Nework’s Urban Energy Club project where they are looking at how customers can choose to use their virtual allocation of the shared solar generation to provide flexibility to the local electricity network

Intelligent Green Energy for Telecoms | Sri Lanka

StorTera have recently become a Tier 1 supplier to Dialog Axiata, the largest mobile telecoms network provider in Sri Lanka and part of the Axiata Group Berhad who are responsible for servicing over 350 million subscribers across 11 countries in Asia. We are currently installing our intelligent energy and storage systems alongside solar PV arrays in a number of their telecoms towers to provide reliable green energy whilst also reducing OPEX and substantially reducing CO2 emissions in remote and bad-grid locations where diesel power has historically been necessary.

Emergency Energy Supply Unit | KERA Charity

Funded by Innovate UK, StorTera has developed an easily deployable 5kW/5kWh battery backpack in collaboration with a Sri Lankan based charity that can be carried to remote locations to support people affected by natural disasters. The Emergency Energy Supply Unit (EESU) can supply power to refrigerators, fans, lights, water heaters and can be used to charge mobile phones and radios that are critical to maintain communications during disasters. The EESU can be charged by solar panels, grid or by using a generator. The system was designed in response to a long term need identified by aid organisations working in disaster relief.

SLIQ Flow Battery Demonstrator | Knoydart, Scotland

StorTera installed a demonstrator SLIQ single liquid flow battery in the office of Knoydart Renewables in the off-grid community of Inverie in April 2017. The installed system has a rating of 8kW/30kWh, enough to provide Knoydart Renewables with sufficient power to continue to run their office and maintain communications during the frequent black-outs experienced in the area.

Off-grid Residential Energy Storage | Fort William, Scotland

In an ideal showcase for the versatility of our off-grid intelligent inverter and energy storage range, an off-grid farmhouse near Fort William in rural Scotland recently benefited from the installation of a StorTera hybrid energy storage system alongside a micro-hydro turbine, solar PV array and back-up diesel generator.