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Energy storage applications - StorTera

Renewable Energy Storage

Our energy storage systems offer renewable energy owners a two-way resource that can store renewable energy when abundant and deliver that energy to the grid after the sun sets or the wind abates.

StorTera energy storage systems allow owners to develop multi-technology renewable energy farms that can provide reliable and continuous energy to the grid or local micro-grid. They also allow owners to earn increased revenues for example, through grid ancillary services thereby maximising the value of their existing plants.

When grid constraints are a limiting factor in developing renewable energy assets, our systems can unlock potential that would otherwise be unfeasible.


StorTera has the perfect solution to the telecom industry’s energy storage requirements, providing compact, functional and cost-effective energy solutions for telecom towers.

Our LFP battery systems can be easily integrated with solar panels or wind turbines to provide clean, reliable off grid power. StorTera has partnerships established to provide complete energy solutions if required.

With 5 convenient functions, our smart DSR GridVerter system gives telecom companies the functionality to use a range of energy sources using a single inverter system which outputs at 48V.

Our EESU backpack can also provide convenient and portable back-up solutions.

Utility/Grid Storage

StorTera’s single liquid flow battery can be integrated into the transmission systems of utilities to reduce the requirement for costly network improvements and to replace fossil fuel peaker plants. Our flow battery results in lower costs for all energy users, increased grid stability and reliability, and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

With its intelligent power conversion system, StorTera’s grid storage solution has the ability to minimise the operational problems currently encountered by transmission networks.

Commercial and Industrial

Commercial and Industrial companies can benefit greatly from energy storage, for example by reducing peak energy demand therefore saving on energy bills. Installation of a reliable energy storage system like the StorTera SLIQ battery, meets C&I back-up/UPS requirements and therefore removes the need for diesel generators which emit high levels of carbon dioxide and are not reliable when not maintained well.

When coupled with a solar PV array, our battery systems increases the amount of renewable energy used on site as well as providing the opportunity to provide grid services to bring in additional income.