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Off-grid energy storage system - StorTera

Hybrid Power for Off-Grid Scottish Farmhouse

StorTera provided the energy management system for an off-grid installation at a farm in the Scottish Highlands near Fort William using one of our 5kW DSR-G global inverters and a 2.5kWh lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery module. The base load for the farm is provided by a micro-hydro turbine (PowerSpout pelton) supplying 500W from the local stream and 1.9kW of solar PV installed on the roof of the control building used to house electrical equipment. The backup power is provided by a diesel generator.

The DSR-G global inverter was set up to ensure power supply to the farm with minimal use of the diesel generator. The immediate power demands of the farm are provided by the hydro turbine and PV panels while any excess power is diverted to the battery bank. The diesel generator is only used when the battery bank depth of discharge is 80-90% and the power demand cannot be met by the renewable energy/battery system.

Plant room with DSR-G GridVerter & LFP Battery Module

The PowerSpout micro-hydro turbine in action

The lifetime of the StorTera inverter and battery bank is expected to be 12 years. By removing the need for a full diesel generator system, this off-grid renewable energy storage system will provide an energy payback time of less than 5 years. The system is expected to offset over 42,000kg of C02 emissions over the 12-year lifespan whilst providing the homeowner with energy security for the future.

The system was installed by Jamie Robinson of Alternative Engineering Solutions.