UK-Canada Power Forward Challenge Semi-finalists - StorTera

June 02, 2019

StorTera has partnered with Equilibrium Engineering, a Canadian energy efficiency specialist in Nova Scotia to introduce a unique integrated efficiency, solar and energy storage solution to the North American market. The proposed project ‘Alba Nova: A smart grid pilot using advanced battery storage’ has been shortlisted for the semi-finals of the Power Forward Challenge, a joint initiative between the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) in the UK and Natural Resources Canada. The Alba Nova team will pitch for $3m funding in Ottawa on the 5th June.

The team has partnered with the Town of Berwick and Dalhousie University’s Renewable Energy Storage Lab in Nova Scotia to develop a novel pilot-scale demonstration that benefits both consumers and the grid operator.
The Challenge is looking for innovators from any sector who can bring disruptive technologies or new thinking to develop clean, robust and flexible power grids and energy systems that anticipate and meet the needs of networks around the world, looking ahead to 2030 and beyond.
Dr. Gavin Park, StorTera’s CEO, says “By partnering with Equilibrium Engineering, we can integrate smart grids faster cheaper and more competitively using our intelligent distributed energy storage”.

The Alba Nova team’s project aims to demonstrate how intelligent energy storage systems can increase the market uptake of renewable energy, save customer’s money and accelerate carbon reductions through increased electrification.